Entry #5

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

2008-07-16 20:44:53 by funguy-dot-ca

So my brothers and I have finally decided to start putting some animated projects together. We've even gone as far as creating a new alias called "Wombmates" in newgrounds.

Cory - has provided all the sound editing and instruments
Daniel - has done all character designs and major voice overs
Wayne (me) - has done all animations, some sound editing and some voice overs

Now, the theme song is completely done now, and we'd love to show a select few people. This way we can get some opinions of sound quality and all that jazz before we submit it to the portal.

So anyone interested in Beta-sampling this upcoming submission, please email me at:


Put, he-man or something like that as the subject of your email. Also, note.... we have extreme low brow humor so please understand this submission has penis jokes and other sexually explicit... lyrics.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe


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2008-07-16 21:16:10

Looks great so far. What exactly do you mean by beta sampling? Like viewing it before it's completely done to see how well a viewer would like it?

funguy-dot-ca responds:

that is exactly correct. watch before its submitted to newgrounds. critique and possibly change the outcome of the entire animation... not really... but sorta :)


2008-07-16 21:31:50

I almost made a cartoon called "Wombmates" once!
Then I changed it to "Womb for one more". Then I gave up on it.
It's good to see you take the baton and run with it! I'm sure you'll do a better job than me.

Great picture by the way!

funguy-dot-ca responds:

this is my brothers newground account with a couple more screenshots.

http://wombmates.newgrounds.com/n ews/

ya the whole Wombmates is a nice play on words.


2008-07-16 21:39:44

nice animation.. now you better now f@#K it up with a lame story line XD

lolz jk
but seriously ... cant wait to see it

funguy-dot-ca responds:

ya we'll be putting our ability to write comedy to the test. which is harder then it seems. lol


2008-07-16 21:49:57

Your Color, Scene, and Library Tabs are on the opposite side of the screen and it's freaking me out. Also, I fucking loved He-Man back in the day. Turns out there was a lot of underlying homosexual inuendo..... How about that. Looks like some solid art so I'll look forward to seeing it.

funguy-dot-ca responds:

maybe my tabs are on the left cause i'm left handed... i have no idea. just what i got used to.

its crazy how many homosexual inuendo's that are in he-man.... and we are trying to exploit them all. lol


2008-07-17 01:30:58

i wouldn't mind hearing theme song and give you my honest imput :)


2008-07-17 10:03:34

your profile picture looks like it's saying hubgay.

funguy-dot-ca responds:

lol... its true, and has been noted. I'm relaunching my new finished website after I submit this animation.... all my newgrounds user art will be derived from that.

Thanks Julio :)


2009-05-29 13:22:58

Where are you guys?!