So my brothers and I have finally decided to start putting some animated projects together. We've even gone as far as creating a new alias called "Wombmates" in newgrounds.

Cory - has provided all the sound editing and instruments
Daniel - has done all character designs and major voice overs
Wayne (me) - has done all animations, some sound editing and some voice overs

Now, the theme song is completely done now, and we'd love to show a select few people. This way we can get some opinions of sound quality and all that jazz before we submit it to the portal.

So anyone interested in Beta-sampling this upcoming submission, please email me at:

Put, he-man or something like that as the subject of your email. Also, note.... we have extreme low brow humor so please understand this submission has penis jokes and other sexually explicit... lyrics.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

My Penicorn submission

2008-03-15 08:28:27 by funguy-dot-ca

Well I figured that since I've been posting in the Art thread more and more, that I should start making posts of my submissions, that way I don't forget or lose them on newgrounds.... like this one.

I can't find this thread anymore, but this was the picture I made for this goofy thread about making Unicorns with penis' for "heads". This was my submission.

My Penicorn submission 6855/2

This was my submission for the Art contest to design a Heavy Metal Mag cover. I find that I'm not always the greatest at portraying real action, so I tried to push that with this. I know I didn't go with the traditional Pin-up style, but I still put a nice amount of detail into her... and her boobs :P

Art Contest: Heavy Metal mag cover


2008-03-14 20:05:47 by funguy-dot-ca

I just saw a MS-Paint Art thread and thought I would post my 2 year old GIR picture I did while working at a call center.

GIR is so great and awesome! 9684/19


Rasta Flag music video

2007-12-17 11:19:57 by funguy-dot-ca

Scene 1 out of about 14 has been finished for the Rasta Flag video. With the current xmas break coming up, I should get a lot more done, and I'll continue to post screenshots as I run through the project.

Again, feel free to check out the band I'm doing the video for, SlowCoaster.

Rasta Flag music video